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Hi, I am Rossella. ︎
A content producer and
multidisciplinary artist
based in︎Sydney.

Working within the arts
field, where I could
test different ︎ creative
approaches, enhanced
my interest in the visual
side of the process.

I love experimenting
with a variety of media,
from 3D illustration to
textile arts.






Moka studio is a personal project born in 2020 to highlight the unique artistic value of hand embroidery and encourage responsible and sustainable choices while creating wearable funny-crafty art.

Moka Studio offers a custom service to save old and broken garments in the most creative way possible through hand-embroidery works, mending, & embellishments. Every customer gets a consultation about how we can either restore or reimagine every piece. We built this service to add character to any garment to extend its life and keep it away from landfills. Loving our garments is the first step towards the most sustainable way of shopping.

Besides the custom service, Moka offers its own in-house collection of organic cotton tees, entirely hand-stitched to order by the team and hand-embroidery classes.